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How to Naturally Exfoliate Your Beautiful Black Skin With Vitamin C and Green Clay

How to Naturally Exfoliate Your Beautiful Black Skin With Vitamin C and Green Clay

How to Naturally Exfoliate Your Beautiful Black Skin With Vitamin C and Green Clay

How to Naturally Exfoliate Your Beautiful Black Skin With Vitamin C and Green Clay

Natural exfoliation is helpful because it uses natural ingredients to help remove the dead skin cells from your body and face.

Your skin's lower layer is the area where new cells begin, and they will eventually make it to the skin's surface, which is where they die.

Exfoliation reveals the new black skin that lays under the top, dead cells. You can use harsh chemicals to exfoliate your skin, but it's safer, more comfortable and less irritating to use natural exfoliants.

There are various ingredients from nature that you can add into a gentle exfoliating solution. Adding vitamin C to a base blend of water and green clay will make an excellent masque that is quite effective in removing dead skin cells.

Vitamin C protects the newer skin cells from damage by free radicals, and a green clay masque will dry on your face, to gently remove the dead cells. Other vitamins can be used as a way to soothe your skin, as well.

Natural exfoliation remedies can be very beneficial to your black skin, and generally they are suitable for most types of skin. Vitamin E is helpful in lowering the effects of years of sun exposure to your skin. Sugar and sea salts can be used in natural masques as well.

Vitamin C and green clay masques treat your skin gently as you exfoliate. It will be able to remove dirt, blackheads and oils that are present in your skin. Vitamin C is also effective in clearing up acne for people with black skin.

Some people tend to be a bit overzealous in their exfoliation techniques. Unless your skin has been extremely neglected, it doesn't need to be exfoliated more often than once every three weeks or so. If you need more frequent exfoliation, you may want to have them done with a therapist's supervision.

You can perform your own natural exfoliation every three or four weeks with a jojoba facial scrub.Although exfoliation is performed in order to remove the dead skin cell build-up, it needs to be done gently, so that no harm is caused to the newer skin cells. The jojoba facial scrub will give you effective results without irritating your skin. The areas around your eyes should not be exfoliated, since it's very sensitive and thin skin.

If you wish to exfoliate more hardy areas of your skin, like arms and legs, you can use more vigor with a different type of exfoliant but be sure to stay gentle when you use vitamin C and green clay masques for your facial exfoliation needs, since the skin of your face is more sensitive.

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