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Gifts - Natural Body and Hair Care

Gifts - Natural Body and Hair Care

Gifts - Natural Body and Hair Care

Gifts of Natural Products for African American Body and Hair Care

You've arrived at our Gift Page and these products are Perfect for any occasion. The gift selections are a great way to show someone you care and share your love for NYRAJU.

You'll be able to choose from Natural Products shown below and present them as gifts allowing the recipient to experience them in sample sizes before they scale up to full sizes.

The Gift Box is a way to present a loved one with samples of, body mist, body butter, body oil, fragrance oil, bath salt and a candle. Perfect for the at home spa.

The Travel Kit gives you just the right sizes for flight regulations without you having to think about it.

The Hair Care Sample Kit provides you with five samples of the hair care line packed with essential oils, featuring Peppermint Tea Tree and our own Herbal Blend.

TheScent sample pack allows you to experience the scents that are part of the body care line and express yourself through scent on a daily basis.

Click the Images Below and try one of these items for your Gift giving needs

Gift Boxes
Scent Sample Pack
Price: $15.00
Hair Care Sample Set
Price: $15.00
Travel Packs
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