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Maturing Black Skin and How To Care For It

Maturing Black Skin and How To Care For It

Maturing Black Skin and How To Care For It

Maturing Black Skin and How To Care For It

Aromatherapy and Maturing Black Skin

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using natural oils to enhance your well being. Certain oils have also been found to enhance the condition of your skin .

Lavender, Rose and Jasmine are great skin oils, but they must be diluted with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are jojoba, sweet almond and olive oil, just to name a few.

Adding essential oils to your black skin care regimen is a great idea. But knowing how to use these oils professionally is an even better idea.

Beautiful Black Skin At Every Age

Whatever your age (30's, 40's, 50's, 60's…etc), each of you needs to know that taking care of your skin starts now. The younger you are the better, the more mature you are, even more important.

Many of you in your 20's take your skin for granted. You think because you're younger, you won't be challenged by the signs of aging. Yet as you move into your 30s some of you begin to see signs of maturing or aging.

You also feel that your melanin will protect you from everything, wind, air, sun … you name it. Not necessarily the truth.

Staying out in the sun without sunscreens or hats to cover your face, is going to cause challenges in your skin even as African Americans. As you mature, not only does your skin begin to change, but also it changes for various reasons.

Black Skin, Hormones and Maturing Skin

With hormonal imbalances in your 40s and 50s, you begin to see a shift and your skin is actually what begins to show signs of this shift. A lot of you start developing chin hairs and pimples.

According to face readings your chin is the hormonal component on your face that shows you what's going on internally.

When menopause sets in you're more apt to experience dry skin from head to toe. So not only will you need to take care of the skin on your face, you'll also need to take care of the skin on your entire body.

A good body butter scrub with lemongrass is a wonderful way to remove dead skin cells. Lemongrass is a great skin tonic and cleanser.

Dry skin becomes more noticeable as you mature. So those of you who drink water, eat healthy, consume less alcohol and caffeine or at least in moderation, you'll find that your skin is still looking younger and more supple than your counter parts.

Many of you who've spent your lifetime with on-the-go diets will begin to experience that challenge as well. The results of not having eaten properly, taken in enough water, having consumed a bit more alcohol, coffees and teas will rear its head.

It's Never To Late To Begin Taking Care of Your Beautiful Black Skin

The key is wherever you find yourself, you begin now with a skin care regimen that's going to allow you to move into maturity with beautiful black skin.

In truth what you eat, how you nourish your body from within, hygiene and cleansing are only facets of skin care.

You can use what you eat, how you cleanse your body as far as exfoliating from head to toe, to control dry skin or other skin care challenges.

Looking for skin care products with essential oils as an ingredient is one way of starting off with a good skin care regimen.

Nutrition and Black Skin

Healthy youthful skin radiates from a healthy body, which often times is gained by consuming organic foods and drinking plenty of water.

Some of you will take supplements, some of you will take herbs or combine the two. The more you stay on the healthy side of caring for your body the more beautiful your skin will be.

The less you consume foods like caffeine, processed sugar, fast foods and smoke cigarettes the less you're going to destroy or compromise your immune system and your skin will be the component that's challenged the most from this type of behavior.

Finally …

Aromatherapy comes into play when you use certain oils that are going to help in moisturizing and hydrating your skin. It also comes into play when you use oils to create an environment of tranquility and relaxation.

Dedicated To Your Beauty!

Juliette Samuel,

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