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Skin Care Guide

Skin Care Guide

Skin Care Guide
Skin Care Guide

The skin care guide that I have provided for you will give you information on skin types and help you in determining exactly what your skin type is. It will teach you the basic characteristics of your skin and assist you in finding the products that will work for your skin.

Below you will find a sampling of what is contained in the Nyraju Skin Care Guide. At the end of this sampling you will find a link to the full Skin Care Guide.

The Sun and How it Affects Dark Skin

The greatest source of energy is the sun. In moderation the sun will help your body manufacture Vitamin D because without it, we're all in trouble. The melanin that you possess as a person of color allows you to spend more time in the sun than the average person.

But you must also take caution. Just because you're fortunate enough to have melanin doesn't mean your skin won't get sunburned. A sunscreen is important for you to have as part of your skin care regimen.

Nutrition and Your Skin

Fruits and vegetables are your greatest source for healthy skin. Mango, Guava, Oranges, Papaya, Kiwi and lots of Berries are a great source of skin foods. Kale, spinach, collards and broccoli are a wonderful source of green foods that nourish your skin.

You don't always have to peel, cut, chop or cook fruits and vegetables. You can eat them raw, they're filled with minerals and vitamins and you can create combinations of smoothies and green drinks that your skin will thank you for.

Black Skin Care Regimen

A skin care guide should definitely provide you with a way to keep your skin cleansed, toned and moisturized. A daily skin care regimen will provide your skin with the nourishing foods through the products that you use.

Weekly treats such as masque, serums and exfoliating products will enhance your skin's appearance and have it feeling soft as a baby's bottom.

Follow the link for more ...

The following link will give you an in-depth blueprint that will provide you with more information on how to care for your beautiful black skin. Click --- > http://skincareguide.nyrajuskincare.com for your Nyraju Skin Care Guide.


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