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Some of You have given us permission to share with our visitors how you feel about NYRAJU Skin & Hair Care Products.

Here's What You Had to Say!

We begin with the Before and After photo that a client chose to share with us.

We Like it when you share with us!

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Good Afternoon Ms. Juliette,

I would like to say thank you for keeping in touch with me about my Honey Masque. It has arrived. I would also like to thank you for the candle as well; I was not expecting a gift. It was all greatly appreciated.

All of the products I ordered from you are amazing and I can already see the changes in the skin on my face.

I have told my family, friends, and church members about your products. You took out time to care for my shipment so I had to spread the word about you.

Again Thank You and have a wonderful day.

Olivia, Conway, SC



"I love my green tea nyraju clenser and antioxident moisturizer! Today someone told me I was glowing" :-)


"When I first got my green tea facial cleanser in the mail, I thought, you've got to be kidding me. A cleanser that doesn't foam up. My thinking is that you must have suds in order for your skin to be clean.

I realized that this wasn't the case. Not only was my face cleaned but it felt soft and smooth to the touch. I tested it with a white cloth and no residue or dirt was left on my face.

I'm a firm believer in the Green Tea Facial Cleanser".

Chrystal Forrester - Baltimore MD


"What I love about NYRAJU Skin Care is their customer service. I placed an order and had it at my door in 3 days. One of the products was a bit different in it's consistency from what I'd received in a previous order, so I sent an email asking if anyone else might have been experiencing the same thing.

With no questions asked a new batch was sent to me AND I got a full size body butter for my inconvenience".

Tiffany Brown - New Orleans, LA


"Good morning Juliette,

I received the wonderful and very generous goody box over the weekend. The girls and I were suprised and estatic! Needless to say we pampered ourselves with a "spa day".

Once again, thank you for creating such a fabulous line of products. I appreciate your commitment to making sure that your customers obtain the maximum benefit when using your products.

Your excellent customer service is a breath of fresh air in today's marketplace. I pray for exponential growth for Nyraju.

A very satisfied customer,"

Jovanni, Connecticut


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