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Basic Facial Kit For Normal, Dry and Mature Skin Naturally!

Price: $60.00

  • For African American Skin
  • Cream based - gentle on your skin
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Especially good for dry-flaky skin

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Natural Black Skin Care with the Basic Facial Kit

A natural black skin care system allows you to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize your face, without harsh detergents.

The Green Tea Facial Cleanser - 4 oz-
  • Allows you to keep them guessing about your age
  • It's cream based, gentle on your skin
  • Non-foaming, No detergents to irritate and dry out your skin.
The Rosewater Toner - 4 oz-
  • Hydrates your skin and brings balance to your pH level providing a healthy balance between alkaline and acidic
  • Gives your skin a fresh and clean glow.
The Antioxidant Face Cream - 1.75 oz-
  • Is especially fond of dry and mature skin.
  • It contains wheat germ that brightens and refreshes your skin.
To maintain your natural beauty and natural glow, this skin care system is a great place to start!

How To Use: This is your skin care system to be done morning and night. Cleanse first to remove dirt and debris, Tone to bring skin pH level back into balance and Moisturize adding moisture to dry challenged skin.

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The Green Tea Facial Cleanser will be the first item used. Squeeze about a nickelsworth into your hand and apply to your face and neck. Allow it to remain on your face while you brush your teeth or at least 5 minutes. Then remove it with a warm cloth. It is not a detergent based cleanser so you will not see suds. (Morning and night)

Rosewater Toner Wet a cotton ball or square, squeeze out the excess water and add a spritz or two of rosewater toner to it. Rub gently across your face and neck.

Antioxidant Face Cream - put a pink finger nails worth in the palm of your hand. Take index finger and put a dot on your forehead, cheeks, neck and chin. From your neck up, rub the cream into your skin in an upward motion. Do not use a lot of this product. A little goes a long way, it is a very rich cream. (Night only - Dry skin requires morning and night time use)
Customer Reviews
Juliette: OMG!!!! I am flipping out over how excellent your products are for my skin. I received my package today and I decided to try the facial cleanser, toner and antioxidant face cream. My skin felt so soft and silky until I couldn't stop touching my face. I am telling everyone that I know about your website. I can't wait to try the honey masque.

Thank you so much for excellent products for women of color and fantastic customer service. Another order is forthcoming. You are truly a blessing!

Debra Thompson- Houston TX

Talk about a great trio, I tried your basic skin care kit because it offered great value in price. The face cream alone could cost $50 but I got the cleanser, toner and the moisturizer for $55.

Not only did I get great value but the quality of your products are excellent. The cream cleanser was new to me but I love how it cleanse without leaving a soapy feeling on my face. And the toner was really something new to my skin, I didn't know it would make such a difference in the way my skin felt. My maturing skin feels and looks younger.

Norma Hall, Charlotte NC

Every time I read an article about this kit, you always referenced mature women. My mom suggested I try it because my skin would get so dry in the winter. She said if I didn't like it she'd be there to take it off my hands.

I approached it from a preventative frame of mind and gave it a try. My skin never felt so good. The moisturizer took me through Wisconsin winters without my skin cracking. I'll have to order my mother her own kit.

Patrice Simmons, Milwaukee, WI

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