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The Benefits of Vitamin C for Acne on African American Skin

The Benefits of Vitamin C for Acne on African American Skin

The Benefits of Vitamin C for Acne on African American Skin

The Benefits of Vitamin C for Acne on African American Skin

If you've been troubled by acne on your African American skin, one of the best ways to combat acne is with vitamin C. It's the most important vitamin when it comes to fighting acne. Vitamin C's main functions include acting as an antioxidant, since it reduces the damage that toxins can have on your skin. It also prevents future damage.

Vitamin C also acts as a detox agent against acne, and it helps to remove toxins, along with other pollutants, away from your body. Vitamin C can also act to protect African American skin against damage caused by free radicals.

There are differences between vitamin C and vitamin E when used topically. This is due to the fact that vitamin C is soluble in water, and vitamin E is fat-soluble. Because of this, vitamin C will not accumulate in fatty tissues like vitamin E can.

It may sound strange, but acne in African American skin could be a sign of a weakened immune system. When your body is busy fighting off infections from bacteria, toxins and parasites, it produces free radicals, which then lead to a breakout.

Vitamin C taken as a supplement as well as applied topically on the area of breakout can play a vital role in ridding your adult skin of acne and in preventing future breakouts.

Topical creams and serums containing Vitamin C are a potent source of antioxidants, and are more effective than internal supplements or foods, since that type of vitamin C cannot travel out to skin level. Now there are products available in topical form, and these seep through to the dermal skin layer, actually becoming part of your skin.

If this seemed impossible a few years ago, it's because researchers had not looked into the delivery system used for vitamin C. These are known as nanospheres and liposomes, and they stabilize the vitamin inside the topical cream, shielding it from affecting factors.

The newer formulations containing vitamin C allow its antioxidant properties to counteract the free radicals that age and blemish African-American skin prematurely.

Free radicals speed the aging process by effectively destroying the collagen that works with elastin to make your skin firm, resilient and not as prone to wrinkles. Vitamin C products neutralize free radicals, helping your skin to remain elastic.

Some users believe that vitamin C actually repairs your skin, in addition to preventing damage. The more your skin is exposed to pollution and other irritants, the more it needs the anti-aging properties of vitamin C.

As compared to creams made with Retin A and other ingredients, which work only by exfoliating your skin, formulations that contain vitamin C actually work within the layers of your skin, which spurs your body to synthesize collagen and inhibits the free radical production.

Vitamin C effectively allows the skin fibers to be rewoven, which helps your African American skin to look younger, smoother, and more supple.

And you thought Vitamin C was only for fighting off a cold.

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