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Black Skin Care -Bringing Comfort To Your Feet

Black Skin Care -Bringing Comfort To Your Feet

Black Skin Care -Bringing Comfort To Your Feet

Black Skin Care -Bringing Comfort To Your Feet

When we take a look at caring for the beautiful black skin that represents the shell of our body, it's often a quick glance from head to toe.

But today weíre going to focus on the feet. One of the cliche that we hear is, when your feet hurt, your entire body hurts.

Think about it! Can you seriously concentrate on anything when your feet hurt? Well, one of the ways to alleviate tired sore feet is to have a great foot massage, a good reflexology treatment or a natural pedicure.

All of these treatments are to soothe and bring softness to the body parts that move you from point A to point B.

Without your feet you donít move.

There are people with challenges and theyíve learned how to work around them. But for the most part if youíre a person walking upright, your feet are carrying the bulk of the weight that you move around.

So why not take care of them. With a simple foot massage, you can have the pedicurist put you in a spa chair and treat you. Or you can treat yourself at home with a body butter scrub that Ďs perfect for your feet.

Natural Pedicures and Reflexology

There are facilities that will give you a natural pedicure. They donít cut away your skin, or put any type of razors or knives on the cuticles around your toe beds and thatís for a reason. You want to remove all of that build up naturally.

And you can! Sometimes when you bring sharp items to your skin accidents happen. If you suffer from any of the challenges like diabetes, you canít afford to have any type of nick or cut or scrape on your body and especially on your feet.

So look for an environment or a spa thatís going to cater to giving you a natural pedicure.

But to get an in-depth more focused approach to foot care, a reflexology treatment will help you in relieving some of the soreness in your feet and body.

In reflexology, every organ thatís in your body has a focal point in your feet as well as your hands.

As far as your feet are concerned, a good reflexology treatment is going to allow that person to work through the sensitivities that you may be experiencing. You may be having something like a sore heel or sensitivity on the ball of your feet.

Thatís a certain organ thatís being tapped and youíll want to have the reflexologist work through that given area to help relieve some of the tension and stress thatís internally surrounding that organ.

Removing Dead Skin Cells From the Bottom of Your Feet

With dead skin cell build up, you can experience pain that you didnít realize would exist. And when you donít remove it, what youíve got in essence, is dead skin building up on the surface of your feet.

As it hardens it becomes like a shield. And because itís not soft, itís going to have you in pain, because youíve got a shell on your feet. Imagine trying to walk around on a shell. Thatís such discomfort to your feet and body.

So in order to remove the dead skin cells, a good soak with a pumice stone is a great beginning. And donít forget the top of your feet. There are dead skin cells there also.

Bringing Comfort To Your Rough and Tired Feet

So in looking at foot treatments to bring some comfort to your well being, a massage therapist can assist you, a good pedicurist can assist you within a natural spa and definitely a reflexologist can assist you.

All of them can help you bring peace and tranquility to your inner and outer world, just by soothing your feet.

Dedicated To Your Beauty!

Juliette Samuel,

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