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How to Gain Awesome Benefits from Essential Oils for Mature Black Skin

How to Gain Awesome Benefits from Essential Oils for Mature Black Skin

How to Gain Awesome Benefits from Essential Oils for Mature Black Skin

How to Gain Awesome Benefits from Essential Oils for Mature Black Skin

Mature black skin. Youíre maturing! The greatest gift you have is your melanin. Because of it, You were told years ago, that your Black Donít Crack. Guess Again. As sure as the Sun still rises in the east, your Black will Crack and have you looking as though youíve been laying in the desert sun for days.

How do you prevent this and other skin challenges from happening to your maturing Black Skin? Your follow a skin care regimen that allows you to nurture your maturing skin.

Your maturing melanated skin needs to be cared for. Then and only then, will your black not crack.

Truth be told, you donít need a lot of products to keep your skin radiant, supple and glowing. You just need the right products.

A good cleanser is crucial. You do not need soap based cleansers. They contain detergents that will begin to strip the natural oils from your skin.

Choose one with green tea in a cream base instead. A cream base will be gentle for your maturing skin, while removing dirt and grim from its surface.

Skin Care Challenges for Mature Black Women

As maturing Black women, you might not experience a lot of wrinkles. You might see more sagging skin challenges. What ever you experience will be a result of genetics as well as lifestyle choices.

The more fair your complexion, the more possible it is for you to experience wrinkles. In addition to wrinkles, thereís the challenge of sagging skin.

What youíre actually looking at is a lack of nutrients in your skin and dehydration. Your skin is the largest and most complex organ of your body.

It serves to protect you and your other organs. This includes protecting you from toxins found in beauty products sold on the market.

By entering the world of essential oils, youíre looking for products that will help provide your skin with what it truly needs Ö naturally.

Thereís Magic in Essential Oils

What are essential oils? Whatís the magic? They work for one thing. The oils contain all of the nutrients from their respective plants. We benefit from their trace minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, amino acids and so much more.

As you mature your skinís outer layer (the epidermis) loses itís fat like substance making your skin drier. Your skinís inner layer (the dermis) loses collagen that helps keep your skin plump.

As if thatís not enough, your blood vessels of the inner layer, become more fragile. You sweat glands begin to produce less oil after menopause. All of these can make it harder for your skin to retain moisture, thereby making it dry and itchy. Do I scream now!

With all of that being said, essential oils have been known to help with these challenges and more. Whether is in a cleanser, toner, serum, mask or moisturizer, essential oils have helped a lot of skin conditions.

A word of caution: A lot of companies are adding essential oils to their blends. The key is to make sure you find oils and companies, that have not had synthetic ingredients added to their oils.

Essential Oils and Their Magical Benefits for Maturing Black Skin

Some of the essential oils for mature skin are familiar to you. You know them Ö

Lavender helps balance oil and controls breakouts. Fights bacteria that causes skin infection.

Frankincense helps stimulate new cell growth. Itís great for wrinkles and sagging skin. Also known to help restore elasticity.

Sandalwood helps to restore your skinís ability to retain moisture. Itís great for dehydrated skin.

Others may not be as familiar to you ÖSea Buckthorn seed, Vetiver, Neroli, Rose, Rosemary and Geranium are all skin loving oils for mature black skin.

Look for them in the ingredient list on the label. Even better, you can always make your own.

Thatís it for this week. As Always Ö

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


Nyraju Skin Care

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What's your greatest skin care challenge?

As women and a growing number of men of color, what's your greatest skin care challenge? Whether it's dark spots, uneven skin tone, dark circles,puffiness under your eyes or hair that won't grow, you'll find a product that can possibly become the solution to your challenge.

Moisturizers and ingredients that hydrate your skin will always be your best friend, for your face, body and hair. So look for products with nourishing and nurturing ingredients. Shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and jojoba oils are a few of the ingredients to keep on your list.

We've got new additions to our store for you. Essential oils have been known to help calm and soothe skin and scalp irritations. Although you'll find a sample kit on the hair category page, you can use them for any of your skin and hair care needs.

The hair care sample kit has been given an upgrade. We've increased the size of the container on the shampoo and conditioners and added a hair butter sample to the mix.

Although there's beauty in your blackness, your skin is sensitive and needs protection from the sun just like everyone else. So if you know you're challenged by sunburn, add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to Jojoba and Grapeseed Oil and create a nice body oil for yourself. It will bring comfort and beauty back to your skin.

We're listening to you and your suggestions, so keep an eye on the category pages and your emails for updates.

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