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Pigmentation or Skin Discoloration and African American Skin

Pigmentation or Skin Discoloration and African American Skin

Pigmentation or Skin Discoloration and African American Skin

Pigmentation or Skin Discoloration and African American Skin

Hyperpigmentation? Skin discoloration? What causes it and how do you care for it Naturally in African American Skin?

The ideal look for healthy skin is even pigmentation or an even skin tone. No matter what your skin color, whether it's dark, light or somewhere in between, you want to experience radiant, luminescent skin.

Your skin is usually confronted with two common problems when it comes to pigmentation. Uneven color and dark blotches often referred to as hyperpigmentation and light areas or light blotches that are referred to as hypo pigmentation.

Fortunately most pigmentation disorders don't affect your health but all of these discolorations affect the way you look. Is spot free skin possible?

The natural pigment of what you see as color is called melanin and melanin-forming cells are called melanocytes. The amount of activated melanocytes in your skin is what determines your skin color. That's why when you see fair skinned people, they have fewer activated melanocytes than dark skinned people. Pigmentation occurs in light or dark patches on your face and other areas of the body.

This is more of a cosmetic condition than a medical condition. Even though the condition is harmless it doesn't look attractive and can distract from your appearance.

The causes of pigmentation come from inside and outside of Your body.

When we think of external situations that cause pigmentation such as:

* Freckles and sunburn caused by sun exposure

* Photo toxic reactions caused by sun exposure after you use things like deodorant soaps, scented toiletries, and certain cosmetics. These products can make your skin more susceptible to the sun and its rays and cause your skin to burn more readily.

* Laser hair removal can leave spots if the laser accidentally burns your skin. And this occurs more frequently with African-American skin. That's why when you're choosing to have this type of service done, you want to make sure that the skin care therapist has experience in working with the skin of people of color. You do not want to be a science project.

What can cause sources of pigmentation from within:

* Birth control pills - You may have to talk with your physician and switch to a different product or formulation.

* Pregnancy and nursing - This is sometimes called the pregnancy mass. This discoloration fades after nursing and your complexion typically returns too normal.

* Illnesses and medications - Steroids can cause skin discoloration, as can some other medications. If you suspect this is happening, check with your physician or pharmacist to determine drug side effects.

* Aging- Pay close attention to what you're eating, sleep habits and get plenty of exercise. Light exfoliation treatments are also great for aging skin. This treatment can remove dead skin cells and give your skin a youthful glow.

Most skin hyperpigmentation can be corrected.

Some of the solutions will take time as in months so don't be impatient, some require doctors prescriptions others can be pricey. We typically look for creams or gels to assist us with this challenge but hear are ways that skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation are handled.

* When you stop taking birth control pills it will reverse skin discoloration but it may take months to see significant improvement. Be patient!

* Always use sunscreen to prevent or reduce discoloration.

* If you're using products that are known as photosensitive to the sun, give yourself at least 15 to 30 minutes before you go outside after you've applied the product.

* Natural Dark Spot Removers lighten your skin and are highly effective when used with alpha hydroxy acids.

* An alpha hydroxy acid in an exfoliant or moisturizer can lighten skin by themselves but when used with lightening treatments such as Kojic acid or other topical products they can help to improve the appearance of your skin and help the other products better penetrate your skin.

* Herbal lighteners include licorice, raspberry, bearberry , grape seed extract, kiwi, Mulberry, and echinacea.

Skin conditions, such as discoloration or pigmentation is usually a temporary condition if treated properly, with the right natural product and or procedure.

You can also improve the appearance of your skin by understanding the cause of your condition. So when you have a flare-up in your skin, it could be based on a food that you ate which could be an allergic reaction.

Correcting skin discoloration takes time and patience, but if you have a skin discoloration that appears suddenly or grows, then a dermatologist is the next person you should see.

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,


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