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Wigs, Weaves and Those Black Hair Things - Covering Up In Winter Weather

Wigs, Weaves and Those Black Hair Things - Covering Up In Winter Weather

Wigs, Weaves and Those Black Hair Things - Covering Up In Winter Weather

Wigs, Weaves and Those Black Hair Things -Covering Up In Winter Weather

When the temperature is cold outside, not only do we change how we care for our hair but we also change how we cover up our scalp. In black hair care there are ways that women have of covering their hair and wanting to take short cuts or wanting to take alternate routes (I would say) to having a different approach to hair care.

For a lot of women wigs are the ultimate winter accessories. It allows them to moisturize and condition their natural hair giving it a break from relaxers and weaves that they wore in the summer. A wig is also an alternative to having different and versatile hairstyles.

Believe it or not it also acts as a cap. I know my aunt used to always say she was going to have different caps for winter.

Wigs and black hair care

What she actually meant was that she was going to have different wigs that were different looks and styles in the winter.

It gave her scalp a break from hair pulling and the friction from caring for her hair on a daily basis.

She would braid it up and take the braids out every 3-4 days. Then she would give it a good cleansing and condition it and braid it back up. But this was her way of giving her scalp a break from perms and hot comb presses.

At the time she was doing this it was like her ritual of the winter. But she would have different wigs that she wore and refer to them as caps.

She said that the wigs were another way of keeping her scalp warm and she'd wash the wigs as though she was washing her hair.

It was interesting when you walked into her room she would have them all lined up and she would call them her girls. These girls allowed her to have these different personalities, whatever personality she wanted on a given day. It was a way of having this different type of winter hair care heaven and that was the way she approached it.

Now we've still got wigs but they're used more as an accessory and a lot of women are using wigs not to take care of their hair because what's happening is they’re using their wig as their daily hairstyle.

But they're not giving as much attention to the hair that's under the wig. So a lot more women are suffering from dry scalp and that's because they're not cleansing and conditioning their natural hair that's under the wig.

They'll go for weeks without washing their hair and that's not sanitary or healthy. So if you're going to wear a wig you still must give attention to the hair that's under the wig.

Why? Because you're going to have more challenges as you mature by neglecting your own hair under the wig than if you would take time to give it some attention as well.

Weaves and Black Hair Care

And then there are weaves and as much as we promote natural skin and hair care, I have to address the hairstyling of weaves because it becomes a part of the scalp from the natural base that the weave is being attached to.

When you attach your weave to your natural hair (when the stylist is doing this), she's working to add hair to your existing hair and a lot of you are having it done correctly but there are some procedures that just don't look good.

And you know from the way they're presented when you see these women and you see that they're not taking good care of their hair.

You can see the pulling, hair line receding and you can also see the damage that's being done because they're truly giving more attention to the hair that they're adding to their head than the natural hair that's coming out of the follicles of their scalp.

Wigs, Weaves and Black Hair Things ... Accessories!

So if wigs and weaves are going to be a part of your hair care regimen or system especially in the wintertime, make them a part of a healthy hair care system.

And those things such as accessories that you use to pull your hair back or tighten the hair up, use accessories that are not going to contribute to the damaging of your hair.

I see women and young girls who have pony tails pulled back so tight, it's as though they're participating in a facelift they don't even know they're having.

You can see the scalp being pulled back so tight that, you know they're going to be challenges if they continue this type of behavior. So winter is a great time to give your hair a break from relaxers and hot combs, yes people still use hot combs.

So if you're using wigs, shampoo them. Make sure they're treated as if they were your natural hair.

That will cut down on odors and smells and it will also give your wigs the appearance of being like a natural head of hair.

You'll see that glow to the wig. You won't see that film start to develop when they're not shampooed properly and the same approach is to be taken with weaves.

If you insist on adding someone elses hair to your hair, then take care of it as if it were your own.

That means it has to be shampooed and taken care of so that you're not walking around looking crazy.

Winter natural hair care allows you to emerge in the spring with a whole new look, a new healthy approach and your scalp will thank you for it.

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

Juliette Samuel,
Nyraju Skin Care


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